VeVe Lane
Rachel DD
Rachel DD

Housewife vs Burglar: Catball Fight!
Rachel DD and VeVe Lane
August 2014

Catball Fight

Catball Fight

When housewife Rachel returns home after lunch with friends, she finds her home is being burglarized! Scantily-clad cat burglar VeVe is caught in the act... and Rachel isn't going to let her get away with it!

After a tense stand off, the women rush each other and fall into a tangled mess on the floor. With their pantyhose-clad legs intertwined, the ladies roll across the floor over and over, groaning, pressing into each other, pulling hair, and struggling in catball style. They cover almost every inch of the room with their rolling, pressed chest-to-chest the entire time. Finally, after a long struggle, Rachel crushes burglar VeVe with an inescapable breast smother to put an end to the battle. With the threat defeated, Rachel tidies herself up while standing over her beaten foe.

Catball style is slow and sensual. Not frantic, but constantly moving with pantyhose-clad legs rubbing. Minimal talking, but continuous gentle groaning and moaning with struggle. Pantyhose never run or tear.

Total running time: 41 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Rachel wears nude pantyhose, pink mini-skirt, white blouse, thong. VeVe wears nude pantyhose, black mini skirt, black mini blouse, thong. No slapping, no striking. Views from all angles. Plenty of views of intertwined legs.

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Catball Catball Catball
Catball Catball Catball
Catball Catball Catball

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