Cat Wily
Cat Wily
Sweetie Dreams

Cat Wily vs Sweetie Dreams
BBW Bearhugs Contest
March 2017

BBW Bearhugs

BBW Bearhugs

Strong, athletic BBW wrestlers Cat Wily and Sweetie Dreams test their strength and fortitude with a competitive bearhugs contest! The ladies stay standing the entire time, working to pummel for grips and wrap their arms around each other's bodies to deliver tight bearhug squeezes. Whoever can score the most bearhug submissions in 20 minutes is the winner!

The ladies clinch up and grapple while on their feet, trying to maneuver each other into the best positions to go in for their bearhug attempts. Most bearhugs are performed front-to-front, though sometimes they are able to come in from behind. Each time one wrestler locks her arms around her opponent, she tries to squeeze her into submission -- sometimes the opponent can escape, and sometimes she needs to tap out from the squeeze.

Athletic and spirited. Playfully teasing yet competitive. Hand-fighting; pummeling and clinching; bodies pressing while standing; groaning, gasping, and crying out from the squeezes. To the winner, goes a facesitting victory pose.

Cat Wily: 5'7" and 250 lbs.
Sweetie: 5'8" and 220 lbs.

Total running time: 21 minutes
Camera angle primarily Full body and 3/4 from thighs up. Cat wears thong leotard & tan tights. Sweetie wears thong panties and corset top. 1280x720. 4 mbps.

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BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs
BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs
BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs BBW Bearhugs

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