Cat Wily
Cat Wily

Cat Wily vs Rachel DD: Rematch 2018
Size Mismatch Wrestling
April 2018

cat wily

cat wily

Delightfully intimidating Cat Wily is back on the mats again, coming in for a competitive submission wrestling size mismatch rematch against buxom blond fighter Rachel DD.

Cat and Rachel first met on the mats in 2016, wherein Rachel was absolutely crushed. Now, for 2018, Cat is even bigger and more experienced than she was before... and this year's match has a 5-minute punishment round for the loser! Good luck, Rachel!

Scrappy as ever, Rachel puts up her best effort, but Cat comes on like a menacingly unstoppable steamroller. Cat is incredibly confident, strong, composed, casually sadistic, and completely in control in this match. She handles little Rachel with the greatest of ease, treating her like a little toy and constantly smiling at Rachel's struggles and frustration.

Cat uses her arms, legs, and body to submit and demolish Rachel in a variety of ways... not forgetting, of course, her signature hand smother attacks. A tough time for Rachel, but an amusing play date for Cat Wily!

Cat Wily: 5'7" and 285 lbs.
Rachel DD: 5'4" and 120 lbs.

Two 10-minute rounds. 5-minute Punishment Round includes: grapevine pin, headscissors and body scissors, Matchbook pin, full nelson, hand smothering, teasing, and victory posing.

Total running time: 27 minutes

** Also available in a 2-Match Set w/ "Ursa vs Rachel DD" (see below)

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