Cat Wily
Cat Wily

Cat Wily vs Thrash
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
April 2018

cat wily

cat wily

BBW wrestler Cat Wily has been enjoying bringing bondage in to her wrestling play recently, and we were excited when she asked for a chance to capture her bondage wrestling exploits on video for the first time. And so, we present here, Cat Wily's very first mixed bondage wrestling match video!

Playfully dominant Cat takes on skinny male opponent Thrash. The objective: wrestle down, tie up, and fully immobilize your opponent for the win. Cat has a considerable size advantage (she outweighs Thrash by over 100 lbs), as well as a skill advantage and a "casual meanness" advantage -- so things don't look too favorable for Thrash in this match-up.

With a smile on her face, Cat Wily manhandles the weaker Thrash on the mats, controlling him with her legs and feet, hips, body, scissorholds, and strong grips as she gradually works him into a creative hogtie variation. She takes her time and savors the game, teasing Thrash coyly and commenting on her work. Once Thrash is helplessly bound (with even his big toes tied), Cat gags him with a pantyhose and rope gag, toys with him some more, admires her work, and concludes with a victory pose.

Cat Wily: 5'7" and 285 lbs.
Thrash: 5'6" and 140 lbs.

Total running time: 18 minutes

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cat wily cat wily cat wily
cat wily cat wily cat wily
cat wily cat wily cat wily

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