FvF Competitive Headscissors Submissions Compilation (2021-2017)
FvF Headscissors Vol. #1
Assembled May 2021

This is a compilation of headscissors submissions scored during competitive female wrestling matches we've filmed from 2021 (thus far) to and through 2017. There are 34 headscissors submissions included here from 25 different matches.

Headscissors are quite challenging to apply against resisting opponents, and that's a big part of what makes them special as competitive submission holds!

Note: Since these are submissions from competitive matches, the headscissors here are applied quickly and strongly, usually resulting in fast tap-outs from the receiver (and thus immediate release of the hold by the attacker). On occasion, the attacker may apply the hold more slowly, if she thinks she has a skill advantage. Some stubborn defenders will hold out as long as they can. But others are super quick to submit. In general, the headscissors submissions here occur much faster than those found in domination or fantasy matches.

The headscissors submissions in this compilation come from the following matches (from most recent, to oldest. The links lead to entries for the full matches):

1. VeVe vs Katarina: Pins & Submissions, 2. VeVe vs Tilly McReese, 3. VeVe vs Simone, 4. Sheena vs Katarina, 5. VeVe vs Katarina, 6. Ursa vs Katarina, 7. VeVe vs Gia the Giant, 8. VeVe vs Inferno, 9. Aralia vs Aqua X, 10. Lana Luxor vs Sweetie Dreams, 11. Lana Luxor vs Taylor, 12. VeVe vs Lana Luxor,
13. VeVe vs Regan, 14. Lana Luxor vs Aralia (Rematch), 15. VeVe vs Taylor, 16. VeVe vs Bella Ink, 17. VeVe vs Gia Love, 18. VeVe vs Sarah Brooke, 19. VeVe vs Aqua X, 20. VeVe vs Lydia Vengeance, 21. VeVe vs Aralia, 22. VeVe vs Kim Chi (Michi), 23. Lana Luxor vs Rachel DD (Vol 1), 24. VeVe vs Lucrecia,
25. Sahrye vs Regan

The ladies who score the scissors submissions in the above matches are: VeVe, Sheena, Ursa, Aralia, Lana Luxor, Sahrye. Each of the segments in this compilation includes a brief bit of footage showing the scissorhold setup, the submission itself, and a brief bit afterwards. Footage from 2021-2018 is in 1080 Full HD, 60 fps. Footage from 2018-2017 is in 720, 30 fps.

Video Duration: 19 minutes

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Headscissors Headscissors Headscissors
Headscissors Headscissors Headscissors
Headscissors Headscissors Headscissors

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