Bella Ink

Contrasting Tights Fight
VeVe Lane and Bella Ink
September 2018

pantyhose catball

pantyhose catball

Sheer pink pantyhose vs sheer black pantyhose in a contrasting-color tights fight! Rival go-go dancers VeVe and Bella come in for an audition and, after exchanging bitchy remarks, they each decide that the best way to get the job is to eliminate the competition!

The ladies lock up and hit the ground in the audition room, legs intertwined, bodies contacting front-to-front, and teeth gritted with effort. They kick off their shoes, grab each other's breasts and hair, and fight to get on top as their shirts come off and their skirts ride all the way up. Slow rolling and slow leg action, in contrast to their angry attitudes and loud groans of exertion. Crotches stay pressed together, but with less contact of the lower legs and feet. Brief catball-style rolls (turn-overs), with many pauses to grab at and squeeze each other.

Bella at last climbs past VeVe's legs and breast smothers her rival into submission. And with her competition defeated, Bella goes on to secure the job for herself...

Fantasy Catball-style wrestling. Both ladies wear thongs, pantyhose, bras (shirt are removed early on), and skirts which ride up. Views from various angles, but primarily focused on the legs. Slow, brief rolls (turn-overs). Legs "press" and connect, rather than rub.

Total running time: 21 minutes

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pantyhose fight pantyhose fight pantyhose fight
pantyhose fight pantyhose fight pantyhose fight
pantyhose fight pantyhose fight pantyhose fight

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