Diablo's Bed Bondage Bonanza
Socks, Superman, and Spider-Man
May 2021

Diablo writes: "This is a video featuring three different 10-minute bed bondage struggle scenes (33 minutes total) that I filmed back-to-back-to-back (so much bed bondage for me!). Spandex and struggles. And ropes and gags. And all quite inescapable. Details:

diablo bondage

diablo bondage

Scene 1: I'm in my red spandex singlet (pulled down to the waist; a spandex shorts effect) and mismatched knee socks. I awaken to find I'm bound to the bed at 9 points: ankles, thighs, biceps, wrists, and neck. Spread eagle. And securely ball gagged. I'm quite annoyed about this, and I struggle as hard as I can in an attempt to break free, grunting and gag talking in indignation. But, no matter how hard I try, there's no way I can break out.

Scene 2: Superman Diablo awakens to find he's thoroughly bound with Krypto-ropes! The Krypto-Ropes bind him like a T to the bed (crucifix style), at the wrists and ankles. Krypto-ropes also crisscross his body from the sides of the bed. And to make things worse, his mouth is stuffed with a glowing Kryptonite gag. Our hero is weakened, but he still tries his hardest to break free of the ropes. He moans and groans, pained by the Kryptonite, but he must try to escape. He squirms and flexes, but in his weakened state, there's no hope of escape.

Scene 3: Spider-Man Diablo is trapped on the bed, bound spread eagle (ankles and wrists), with a simple web-like rope harness to doubly secure him. He's been ball gagged over his mask. He struggles, squirms, murmurs, and groans, trying to squiggle his way out, but without success. After a few minutes, his villainous captor reaches in from behind the camera to ungag and unmask our hero! But before Spidey can protest, the villain stuffs a handkerchief into Spidey's exposed mouth (POV mouth stuffing!) and then secures the handkerchief in with duct tape. Spidey Diablo is then left to continue his squirming and struggling, now unmasked and stuff-gagged."

"* I have time stamps listed on the video's title frame, if you want to jump to the different scenes. Moving camera = views from different angles."

Video Duration: 33 minutes

* Note: A superhero-only version is also available (Scenes 2 and 3 only). See below.

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diablo bondage diablo bondage diablo bondage
diablo bondage diablo bondage diablo bondage
diablo bondage diablo bondage diablo bondage

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