Diablo Dominates Howl
Pro-Style Men's Wrestling
April 2014

Diablo vs Howl

Diablo vs Howl

For our first time ever, two of our male wrestlers face off in a special one-sided pro-style match. Diablo plays the mean and bullying heel who takes down and thoroughly dominates the smaller, flexible jobber Howl.

For this match, Diablo tortures Howl using many repetitions of these particular holds: Camel Clutch, head scissors, body scissors, and sleeper holds. Diablo also uses Atomic Drops, the Torture Rack, the Bow and Arrow hold, the Surf Board, the single leg crab, crushing pins, various takedowns, and overwhelming physical control.

Howl's struggling is of no use against Diablo's nasty, powerful holds, and he is forced to submit over and over. Following most submissions, the men return to their feet to restart.

Diablo is arrogant and merciless, taunting and belittling Howl as he traps him in each punishing hold. Howl hangs on as best he can but is completely and helplessly overpowered. After three totally dominating rounds, Diablo concludes with a flexing victory pose.

Diablo: 5'6" and 170 lbs. Howl: 5'8" and 130 lbs

Total running time: 32 minutes
High Definition. Display: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Diablo wears white tights, jock strap and thong. Howl wears blue spandex shorts. No boots for either wrestler.

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Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl
Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl
Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl Diablo vs Howl

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