Domestic Discord, Vol 2
VeVe Lane and Thrash
October 2013

Agent VeVe is deep undercover as the loving wife to Mr. Thrash. They've lived together for years and have shared intimate moments. But little does Thrash know that his happy home life has all been a charade. Over the years, Agent VeVe has been quietly collecting information on the secret military projects Thrash has been working on, and she's been gradually preparing to take the final step in her operation...

veve lane

veve lane

At last, that time has come, and vital passcode information must be extracted from Thrash directly. And now, the loving wife shows her true colors as a dangerous, arrogant, and casually sadistic femme fatale who stunningly carries out her merciless business in leotards and tights.

In this edition of the series, Agent VeVe carries out an interrogation of her husband/target over the course of several scenes, with different leotard and tights outfits featured for each. After rendering Thrash helpless, the narcissistic agent takes her sweet time stripping out of her modest "at home" outfit to reveal her leotard and tights beneath. She savors the look and feel of her business attire, and then gets to work...

Following the opening scene, the scenes and attire are:
1. VeVe in blue thong leotard and shiny suntan tights. Thrash hogtied and gagged with pantyhose.
2. VeVe in shiny light blue leotard and shiny suntan tights. Thrash bound to a bed. VeVe tortures him with gloved hand smothering, crotch torture, and pantyhose choking.
3. VeVe in shiny purple leotard and navy stirrup tights. Thrash tortured with scissorholds and VeVe's foot stuffed in his mouth.
4. VeVe in black thong leotard and red tights. Thrash bound to a bed. Tortured with electro stim to genitals.
5. VeVe in long-sleeve black leotard and black stirrup tights. She finishes Thrash with a headscissor.

Agent VeVe is sweetly menacing as she interrogates Thrash, taunting him about the supposed relationship he thought they had. But their years together only served to enlighten her about how best to break him. The agent loves her work, and she gets a genuine thrill from the progress. And with her mission accomplished and perfectly finished, she elegantly savors her success.

Fantasy scenario. 1280x720. 30 fps. 3.5 mbps. This is an early edition of the Domestic Discord series.  With a similar style and tone as VeVe's "Do You Like My Tights?" (2018), though filmed years beforehand.

Total running time: 35 minutes

Selected Screen Stills:
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domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord
domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord
domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord

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