Domestic Discord, Vol 4
VeVe Lane and Thrash
January 2016

Agent VeVe is deep undercover as the loving wife to Mr. Thrash. They've lived together for years and have shared intimate moments. But little does Thrash know that his happy home life has all been a charade. Over the years, Agent VeVe has been quietly collecting information on the top secret projects Thrash has been working on, and she's been gradually preparing to take the final step in her operation...

veve lane

veve lane

At last, that time has come, and vital passcode information must be extracted from Thrash directly. Now, the loving wife shows her true colors as an arrogant, deadly, and casually sadistic femme fatale who stunningly carries out her merciless business in leotards and tights. And not only is she smoothly dangerous, but she also enjoys an erotic thrill from it all...

In this edition of the series, Agent VeVe carries out an interrogation of her husband/target and then disposes of him when she is through. There are several different scenes featuring different outfits:

1. Opening: VeVe in street clothes. Thrash rendered unconscious
2. VeVe in black thong leotard and black tights, begins interrogation process, administers hypodermic injection and chloro. Thrash bound in chair and ball gagged.
3. VeVe in blue thong leotard, shiny tan tights, Thrash hogtied and ball gagged, electro torture, face on feet or in crotch
4. VeVe in red thong leotard, shiny tan tights, Thrash bound face up on table. She gleefully discusses ways to execute her victim. Puts on make-up, prepares for the finale: poisonn lipstick kiss. Handsmother.
5. Alternate Ending: Finished with silencer gun (no blood)
6. Alternation Ending #2: Finished with pantyhose strangle
7. Alternate Ending #3: Finished with hypodermic injection

Agent VeVe not only finds her work quite sensually stimulating for her own pleasure, but she also knows that her victim finds her attire erotically alluring as well. She enjoys posing and struting to tease and torment him, sending him mixed signals of desire, fear, and pain. All while she seductively speaks to him throughout.

Fantasy scenario. 1280x720. 30 fps. 3.5 mbps.

Total running time: 39 minutes

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domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord
domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord
domestic discord domestic discord domestic discord

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30 fps, 3.5 mbps

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