Lia Labowe
Mistress Trish

Domme Battle Round 1
Lia Labowe, Mistress Trish, and Thrash
December 2014
Concept, Imagery, and Description by VeVe Lane

Lia Labowe Mistress Trish

Lia Labowe Mistress Trish

Mistress Trish and Mistress Lia are sisters with a vicious case of sibling rivalry -- they're both dominatrixes, and they both believe they're the very best at what they do. With Lia's sub Thrash headed to the studio for a play date, the two decide to settle their dispute once and for all!

When Thrash knocks on their door, Trish and Lia immediately yank him inside and hurl him to the floor. The sisters declare that he will be their judge -- each will take a turn torturing him, and he must decide who is the better, stronger, crueler domme. Thrash is in for a much harder session than he bargained for!

Trish takes the first turn, punishing Thrash with chokes, low blows, foot gagging, and most of all headscissors with her dazzling, muscular legs. She asks him again and again "Who is the more dominant," but Lia is right there, keeping a close eye on things and reminding Thrash, "You better not say her."

The ladies trade places, and now Lia tortures Thrash in her own style, adding stretches, punches, and nipple twisting to another heavy dose of chokeholds and scissors. The sisters enjoy their game, laughing, showing off for each other, and even admiring each other's work, but meanwhile Thrash is too terrified of them both to pick a winner!

Finally Trish and Lia grow tired of Thrash's equivocating and decide he needs a final dose of 2-on-1 punishment to make up his mind. The dominas lock him in a double scissorhold and begin to squeeze…but their combined power completely overwhelms their hapless victim! With their judge out for the count, the sisters must find another way to settle their argument…

Round 1 running time: 19 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
One-sided mixed domination: Trish and Lia torture Thrash with no resistance from him. Trish wears black leather shorts and crop-top; Lia wear shiny black wetlook leotard.

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Doom Maidens Doom Maidens Doom Maidens

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