Lia Labowe
Mistress Trish

Domme Battle Round 2: Catfight
Lia Labowe and Mistress Trish
December 2014
Concept, Imagery, and Description by VeVe Lane

Lia Labowe Mistress Trish

Lia Labowe Mistress Trish

In Domme Battle Round 1, dominatrix sisters Mistress Lia and Mistress Trish, set out to prove which of them was the better domme by torturing submissive Thrash until he picked a winner. But the ladies ended up with a senseless sub and still no answer. Now it's time for them to settle the argument directly, woman-to-woman. They drag what's left of Thrash off the mats, lock up, and fall to the ground in a rolling tangle of limbs.

Lia is angry and serious through the fight, but Trish is delighted by the brawl. While her sister growls, grimaces, and gasps with exertion, Trish laughs and teases, which only infuriates Lia further! The ladies attack each other with slaps, belly punches, handchokes, smothers, and hair pulling. All the while they continue rolling over and over while the camera emphasizes their long, bare intertwined legs, and their long hair flies wildly.

At last one sister is able to lock her hand tight around the other's throat, in a final, finishing grasp. She rises to celebrate with a double biceps victory pose…but can a family feud *ever* truly be over???

Total running time: 21 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Fantasy Catfight Wrestling.
Trish wears black leather shorts and crop-top; Lia wears shiny black wetlook leotard.

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Doom Maidens Doom Maidens Doom Maidens
Doom Maidens Doom Maidens Doom Maidens

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