Evil Ava Devastates Super Dachi
Ava Simone's Villainess Triumph
August 2019



Amazonian villainess Evil Ava (Ava Simone) utterly devastates virtuous do-gooder Super Dachi in this strength-domination edition of the Villainess Triumph series.

The mischievous Evil Ava has been on a crime spree all across the city, and Super Dachi has dutifully tracked her to her hideout, eager to bring her to justice! But this wily villainess is more than Dachi could have expected: not only does she tower over him, but she has a physical strength and power that he has no hope of matching...

Evil Ava casually shrugs off all of Dachi's attacks, amused and completely unperturbed by his fool-hardy efforts. She effortlessly hoists him up like a toy -- over-the-shoulder lift, fireman's carry, up-side-down, cradle lift, and more -- and tosses him down with graceful, smiling ease. She manhandles him and steps on him (single foot), pushing him around as she pleases with her superior strength. She also amuses herself by using standing headscissors, other intriguing headscissors, pinning pressure, grapevine pins, and more. Evil Ava genuinely enjoys her physical superiority over this helpless little hero, and she poses gracefully as she plays with him.

Ava's control over Dachi is so complete that he eventually becomes disoriented and starts losing himself. Ava is so powerful, so strong, so physically irresistible that she is absolutely mesmerizing. His will begins to crumble as she encourages him to give in to her, to do the right thing: to worship her. Evil Ava flexes, poses, and sits on Dachi's puny body, while Dachi can do little more than stare in dumbfounded wonder and admit that she is superior. His physical resistance was no match, and now his mental resistance has been obliterated. He can do little more than obey her gentle commands. The hero now belongs to Evil Ava. And the city will be all hers as well!

Physical domination fantasy scenario. Villainess Triumph. Featuring Lift & Carry, strength displays, victory posing, female domination, mixed wrestling domination. Ava wears lace leotard and fishnet body stocking. Dachi wears Ultra Shimmery tights, shiny briefs & belt.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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