Extreme Nylons Dollification
VeVe Lane and Thrash
May 2017

pantyhose domination

pantyhose domination

My new plaything has been pouring out his fantasies to me for months online -- he wants to dress like a pretty girl; he wants to wear shiny, sexy tights for me; he wants me to make him into a woman. And so tonight we meet, for our first date, and a little experimentation...

But what my poor new toy doesn't know is that his wife is completely aware he's been chatting with me. And this is far from the first time. She's paid me to punish him for all his lying, all his perverse desires, and all his sneaking around.

The night seemed to be going so well -- just a thrilling bit of light pantyhose play -- when suddenly he's tied to the bed, dressed in a lady's leotard and tights, and caked in garish, slutty make-up. I fit him with a long, blond wig, tape gag him, stuff his leotard with big, jiggling silicone breasts, and explain that a creep like him, who's been using and deceiving women for years, could never BE a woman. And so I'm going to teach him a terrible, painful lesson using his very fantasies against him!

I encase him in pair after pair AFTER PAIR of suntan pantyhose, sliding them up over his legs and waist, letting the layers add up to crush his pitiful man parts and squeeze the breath from his belly. And all the while I'm transforming him into my helpless nylons dolly, his wife listens on speakerphone, enjoying the sounds of him suffering, weakening, and finally breaking in the grip of the pantyhose.

Total running time: 50 minutes

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