Men's "Best Ass" Facesit Wrestling
Diablo and Nikolai
January 2020

In this Men's fantasy-style wrestling video, Diablo and Nikolai battle it out to answer a vital question: Who's got the best ass?! Clad in only their wrestling thongs, the guys jump into action. And as they hit the mats, they find that the best way to exert their ass superiority is with good ol' facesitting!

While facesitting just happens to be Diablo's personal forte (*particularly* reverse facesitting), Nikolai manages to put Diablo on the receiving end of some facesits as well! Diablo dominates most of the action, clearly the stronger wrestler and the most enthusiastic facesitter. He trash talks and taunts, very confident and clearly intent on showing that *his* butt is the best. And when Diablo gets his luxurious ass on Nikolai's face, he sits down hard and smother-ish-ly. But Diablo's arrogance leaves him open to some reversals, and Nikolai takes advantage when he can -- And our favorite mean heel sputters, gasps, and flails on those rare occasions when he finds himself under Nikolai's facesits. Boo!

Neither man will give in. Diablo is certainly insistent, and so he cranks it up a notch by wrapping Nikolai in a tight reverse figure-4 smother squeeze. Nikolai has no answer for this one and falls silent to the ass smothering hold. Exhausted and triumphant, Diablo claims the "Best Ass" victory, savoring his win with flexing, rear-facing victory poses.

Total running time: 33 minutes

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men's facesitting men's facesitting men's facesitting
men's facesitting men's facesitting men's facesitting
men's facesitting men's facesitting men's facesitting

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