Female Supremacy Syndicate: This Will Be You
VeVe Lane and Thrash
January 2017

pantyhose domination

pantyhose domination

VeVe returns as the Headmistress of the Syndicate, and she has a message for every single man in the world. She slips stealthily into Thrash's apartment and takes him by surprise; he will serve as the perfect example.

To Thrash's disbelief and despite his struggles, VeVe overpowers him easily, wearing him down with scissorholds, foot-on-throat, and the allure of her seductively beautiful panthyhose-clad legs. All the while she tortures and toys with her chosen victim, she instructs him in the secret truth he has always known but always denied -- that men are truly the weaker sex, inferior in every way, and slaves to their own lust. They deserve nothing but abuse and have no purpose but to serve a woman's wishes. And Thrash cannot prove her wrong -- he cannot fight his way free, and he can't resist submitting to VeVe and abjectly worshipping her legs and feet.

Often during Thrash's painful reeducation, VeVe pauses to address the camera, sending her message to men everywhere that they are just the same as her current victim and that on the day she, or any of the women of her Syndicate, come for them, the exact same fate will befall them.

At last, VeVe encases Thrash in several pairs of her extra nylons and makes him beg her to do exactly as SHE pleases with him-- his fate is entirely in her superior hands. VeVe gags him and hoods his head with yet more pantyhose then locks him him into a devastating final headscissor to complete the lesson.

Total running time: 35 minutes

VeVe wear sheer, shiny black pantyhose and black thong leotard. Fluid, sensual, and sadistic fantasy wrestling. Cruel and superior dialogue from VeVe throughout. 1280x720. 3.5 mbps.

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veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane

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