Woman to Woman: Fight to the Finish
VeVe Lane and Aralia
March 2021

woman to woman

woman to woman

VeVe and Aralia meet again for another Woman to Woman clash. Following the events of "Cop vs Robber" and "A Midsummer's Fight Dream," time has passed and Aralia has continued her life of crime, rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld, but always with special investigator VeVe hot on her heels. Now, VeVe has tracked Aralia to her hideout only to discover it was all a trick! Aralia has lured her there to finally settle their feud once and for all -- again!

The ladies begin battling in their spandex unitard bodysuits, struggling back and forth for control. They catch each other in all sorts of scissors and other holds, roll, tumble, and pin each other, and they're not above using hair pulling or crotch attacks to gain an advantage.

But when they're still deadlocked and perfectly matched after about 10 minutes, the pair conclude this can only be settled in true woman to woman fashion. They strip from their bodysuits down to bras and thong panties and dive back in!

They seize hands in a test of strength and take the fight to the wall, pushing and pressing, then lock up for a round of bearhugging before tumbling back to the ground. Now as the battle grows more heated, they ignore other moves, clutching tightly together in a tense catball. They roll, squeeze, and strain, murmuring taunts and challenges to each other with faces pressed close and gazes locked. They grab each other's hair throats, and breasts, breathing heavily as the intensity mounts...

Until finally the battle becomes too overwhelming to continue. And although they must wait for another day to settle their rivalry, it was an entirely satisfying fight.

Video Duration: 32 minutes
Sensual fantasy wrestling

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woman to woman woman to woman woman to woman
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