FvF Mega Punishment Round Compilation
14 Punishment Rounds from 2022-2023
Assembled March 2024

fvf punishment compilation

This is a Mega Compilation of Punishment Rounds from FvF competitive wrestling matches from 2022 and 2023 combined!

What is a Punishment Round?! In our video matches, a "Punishment Round" is a victory celebration for the winner of a fully competitive match. The winner subjects the loser to her favorite humiliating and celebratory holds, often with teasing and taunting. The loser cannot resist and must simply take the "punishment" until the round is over!

Each of the Punishment Rounds in this compilation is formally 5 minutes long, but each segments includes a few minutes from just before the Punishment Round starts, for context, often including the very end of the match. So, each segment is about 7-8 minutes long.

The Punishment Rounds included here from the following 14 matches. Also listed are the months they were filmed and links to the matches from which they come (Note: VeVe Lane is the winner/punisher in 12 of these 14)

01. VeVe defeats Monica Merlot (Feb 2022, Full Match listing)
02. ..defeats Tapered Physique (March 2022, Full Match listing)
03. ..defeats Angelica KO (May 2022, Full Match listing)
04. ..defeats Jaylah Rai (May 2022, Full Match listing)
05. ..defeats Lora Cross (July 2022, Full Match listing)
06. ..defeats Nova Nocturnal (Nov 2022, Full Match listing)
07. ..defeats Ivy Satinee (Dec 2022, Full Match listing)
08. ..defeats Sugar Diamond (Jan 2023, Full Match listing)
09. ..defeats Lara the Warrior (May 2023, Full Match listing)
10. ..defeats Agatha Delicious (Aug 2023, Full Match listing)
11. ..defeats Luna (Aug 2023, Full Match listing)
12. ..defeats Bella Luxx (Nov 2023, Full Match listing)
13. Lana Luxor defeats Blaze (Dec 2023, Full Match listing)
14. Blaze defeats Bella Luxx (Dec 2023, Full Match listing)

ALL of the segments feature headscissors of various types. Most feature facesitting and a Camel Clutch. Sometimes featured: school girl pin, RNC, feet-on-the-face, armbar, bodyscissors. Plus other holds used uniquely or spontaneously. All feature victory posing!

The participants are slightly dishevelled and/or sweaty (particularly in the summer months), since they jump into the Punishment Rounds right after finishing their competitive contests. Each victory celebration segment features the final moments of the match, the winner announcement, and the full victory celebration.

To find the full matches from which these Victory Celebrations come, see the links in the list above. This compilation is 1080 Full HD.

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