Handcuffed Domination 2
Prisoner's Revenge: VeVe/Thrash
August 2015

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

For those who enjoyed "Handcuffed Smother Domination" (from February 2015), VeVe and Thrash now present a 2nd handcuffed installment in the "No Hands" wrestling domination series! This video contains two 20-minute scene variations: the first with VeVe's hands cuffed in front, and the second with her hands cuffed behind.

In this scenario, VeVe is a scantily clad prisoner being held captive by Thrash. As she glares angrily at her guard, she notices that he can't stop stealing glances at her bare feet. Hmm... With a plan in mind, VeVe complains that her ankle ropes are too tight, and she asks him to loosen her bonds and massage her feet. Thrash is happy to oblige (and indulge), but as soon as he unties her ankles, she springs into action! Surprise!

With her wrists still bound by handcuffs, VeVe knocks Thrash to the ground and expertly uses her feet, legs, and ass to manhandle and torture him. How dare he try to hold her captive?! And as she works him over, she demands he turn over the handcuff key. But Thrash, fearful of his boss's wrath, refuses to tell her where it is. That's no problem for VeVe; she's got ways of making him talk...

Demanding and confident, and never breaking stride, VeVe taunts and torments him with facesitting smothers, head scissors and figure-4s, foot chokes, and a variety of creative holds to shove her feet into his face. Thrash finally cracks under the pressure of VeVe's interrogation, revealing the key's location at last. And once she's freed herself from the cuffs, VeVe incapacitates Thrash with a deeply smothering, prolonged reverse facesit before making her escape!

Total running time: 44 minutes

Both scenes concluded with a victory pose. Emphasis on reverse facesitting and feet in the face. VeVe is mean and arrogant, and she's quite rough on Thrash.
Fantasy Domination, totally one-sided.
HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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