Jade Indica

Handcuff Hogtie Trickery in Tights
Jade Indica and VeVe Lane
February 2015

Bondage Scenario

Bondage Scenario

In this bondage scenario, roommates Rachel and Chelsea (played by Jade and VeVe) cause each other some trouble, thanks to a pair of handcuffs!

Chelsea (VeVe) tricks Rachel (Jade) into trying on her nifty new handcuffs, hands behind her back. Continuing her trick, Chelsea then ties Rachel's elbows together. But when Rachel complains the game has gone too far, Chelsea forces her to the ground and ties her into a hogtie! With Rachel cuffed and tied, Chelsea rubs her pantyhose feet in Rachel's face and berates her for being such a lousy roommate. Rachel squeals and complains, but Chelsea just torments her, verbally harasses her, and finally duct tapes her hands for added security and leaves her to struggle helplessly.

When Chelsea returns later, she finds Rachel has escaped! Suddenly, Rachel rushes in -- with her elbows still tied behind her -- and quickly snaps the handcuffs onto Chelsea! Even with her elbows bound, Rachel takes Chelsea down and traps her in a figure-4 headscissors, forcing Chelsea to tighten her cuffs. Rachel then makes Chelsea unbind her, then taking the rope to bind Chelsea's elbows together. The tables have turned! Rachel forces Chelsea down, binding her into a hogtie, berating her the whole time, and finally duct taping her hands. She then blindfolds Chelsea with duct tape and leaves her to complain and struggle. Rachel returns to find Chelsea still bound, now exhausted and defeated. Wickedly amused, Rachel taunts her, savors Chelsea's begging, and finally leaves her alone in her misery. Payback is a bitch!

Total running time: 34 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Ladies wear tight shorts and tops with tights (VeVe grey, Jade white). No shoes. All tying done on camera. No gags. Alt title: "Feuding Flatmates."

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Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario
Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario
Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario Bondage Scenario

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