Indra, Female Session Wrestler Thrash

Indra is a Big Bully!
Teasing and Torture
January 2014

Bully Indra

Bully Indra

This video is specially devoted to Indra's torturous teasing and humiliation skills. For the entire video, Indra sits on Thrash with the school girl pin as she proceeds to bully him relentlessly like a mean big sister.

She verbally harasses him, tickles him, flicks his forehead with her fingers, sticks her fingers in his nose and mouth, pretends to make him "eat his boogers" and then teases him for it. She drums on his head and face, covers his mouth with her hand, squeezes his nose, and slaps his cheeks, all the while calling him names and teasing him relentlessly in her cheeky, sassy, brassy, clever style.

Indra also performs 4 minutes of the "typewriter torture" on poor Thrash. She drums her fingers on his chest or forehead, "typing" various letters as she dictates them aloud. And each time she uses the "carriage return" on this "typewriter," she delivers Thrash a teasing slap to the face. Once she's finished all of her "writing," Indra hops up and gives Thrash one final humiliation as she poses over him. Indra just LOVES bullying boys.

Indra school girl pins Thrash the entire time. Non-stop teasing and verbal humiliation.

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