Indra, Female Session Wrestler Thrash

Indra's Lovely Feet
on Thrash's Face
December 2013

Indra's Lovely Feet


In between video shoots, Indra and Thrash created this little clip for fans of lovely feet.

Indra takes very good care of her feet, and she loves to show them off - especially when they are pressing firmly on a man's face. Here, Indra works her flawless bare feet over Thrash's face, rubbing them over his nose and mouth, covering his face, pressing on his throat, caressing him, and even squeezing his nostrils with her toes.

Indra sits on Thrash's belly for the first half of the clip. She then stands and has him tenderly kiss her feet and show them his sincere love.

The camera angles are primarily close-ups on Indra's lovely feet (glossy red toe nail polish) on Thrash's face. Occasional full-body angles, but it really is all about Indra's feet. Very minimal talking; calm, sensual tone. True foot adoration between two people who mutually enjoy their respective roles in foot worship.

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Full video running time: 5 minutes

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