Indra, Female Session Wrestler

Lured by Feet!
Indra and Adrian
October 2014



In this fantasy scenario, Indra plays a nefarious secret agent on an undercover assignment to steal a vital set of passwords from security agent Adrian. Posing as a friendly new neighbor, Indra pays a visit to Adrian's apartment... Indra has done her research for the assignment, and she knows very well that Adrian has a particular affinity for ladies' feet. And so, once she's been welcomed into Adrian's home, she slides off her shoes and begins her seduction...

Indra invites Adrian to give her a foot massage, chatting playfully with him to put him at ease. She then invites him to lay down so that she can give him a little back massage with her perfectly pedicured feet and toes. Once Adrian is fully relaxed, Indra then offers him a chance to try something "kinky" as she produces two coils of rope from her bag. Charmed by Indra's infatuating personality and excited by the idea of kinky fun with his lovely new neighbor, Adrian agrees to let her tie him up. Indra ties Adrian's wrists together and his ankles together, all the while continuing to chat with him. And once he is securely bound, she stands over him and demands the passwords.

Before Adrian can recover from this shock, Indra stomps his stomach and steps up on top of him. She then proceeds to interrogate him, using trampling and stomach stomps, and by putting her feet on his throat and face. She slaps his face with her feet, puts her heel in his mouth, covers his mouth and nose with her foot, and even pinches his nose with her toes. Indra sadistically enjoys every minute of tormenting poor Adrian, using only her pretty bare feet to do the job.

After several minutes of torment, Indra ties Adrian's wrists to his ankles (in front of body) to increase his discomfort. She presses her foot into his throat, threatening him and finally forcing him to reveal the location of the passwords. Once she's secured the passwords, Indra once again puts her feet onto Adrian's throat, toes pressed against the side of his neck, for a final round of torture. After congratulating herself, she gathers up her things, leaving Adrian bound, and heads out the door.

Pleasantness for the first half of the video, tormenting for the second half. Indra just loves tricking and being mean to men. Many close-ups of Indra's feet on Adrian's face, throat, body.

Video running time: 22 minutes
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate 3.5 mbps.

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Indra Feet Indra Feet Indra Feet
Indra Feet Indra Feet Indra Feet
Indra Feet Indra Feet Indra Feet

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