Indra, Female Session Wrestler
Savannah Fox

Indra vs Savannah Fox
Female Bondage Wrestling
October 2013

Indra vs Savannah Fox Bondage Wrestling

Indra Savannah Fox Bondage Wrestling

The sassy Indra takes on the equally sassy Savannah "Big Booty" Fox in a bondage wrestling match! These cheeky ladies hit the mats, each looking to tie up the other - and the loser is sure to end up with red "cheeks", indeed!

Savannah has never tried bondage wrestling before, but she's got good instincts and a weight advantage (and booty advantage) to give Indra a tough time. The ladies tussle equally for quite a while, trading trash talk and reversing each other again and again. But as Savannah works to figure out rope-ties on the fly, Indra puts her scissor holds to good use to gain the upper hand.

With experience (and meanness) on her side, Indra manages to bind Savannah's wrists and then ankles. And while she's at it, Indra shows off her own booty power by sitting on Savannah's face.

Using bossiness and force of will, Indra continues to bind Savannah, all while teasing her and delivering occasional spankings. Indra finishes up by sitting on Savannah's back and amusing herself with even more spanking, playing the bongos on Savannah's booty. To conclude, Indra savors her win with a cheeky, self-satisfied victory pose - but of course!

Final tie: modified "loose" hogtie variation of Indra's own creation
(wrists are not bound to ankles).

Full video running time: 18 minutes
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. But Rate 3.5 mbps.

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Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox
Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox
Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox Indra Savannah Fox

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