Jaylah Rai
El Nino
El Nino

Taped, Encased, and Vanished!
Encasement Bondage with Jaylah Rai
August 2022

jaylah rai bondage

jaylah rai bondage

In her warm sweater and thick, scrunchy socks, Jaylah's enjoying a cozy evening home alone... when she comes across an alarming story in the news. Women have been going missing recently, right in her own neighborhood!

"Thank goodness that's not me," she says, only to have a white cloth clamped over her nose and mouth a moment later, sending her to sleep.

She wakes to find herself bound with duct tape, her hands sheathed in an extra pair of her socks, and a mysterious man, masked and dressed all in black, preparing to stuff a pair of panties in her mouth and wrap her head with tape.

Although Jaylah "mmmphs" through her gag, begging for mercy or at least an explanation, the creepy man never says a word. Instead, he leaves her to struggle, returning several times to silently, inexplicably add layers to her bondage -- first a simple stocking hood, but then a full-body encasement in several pairs of extra large pantyhose.

Jaylah is left with plenty of time to squirm and struggle on the sofa and on the floor (while the camera captures her predicament from many angles, especially featuring her gagged face and socked feet) before her captor returns one last time to drag her from the room. As they go, he finally utters a single phrase, "You're mine now; no one will find you."

Fantasy bondage scenario

1080 Full HD. Bit Rate: 7 mbps.

Full Video Duration: 29 minutes

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jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage
jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage
jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage jaylah rai bondage

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