VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

Mixed Kickboxing Round
VeVe vs Thrash
April 2013

VeVe Lane Kickboxing

VeVe and Thrash wrap up a prior video shoot with a brief round of competitive kickboxing.

Using 10 oz and 12 oz gloves, they go at it for a quick and intense round of striking. Punches, kicks, knees are all legal to both the head and body.

VeVe totally dominates the match, launching fast combinations. Thrash has no fight training at all, so he suffers through hits to his face and body as he hopelessly tries to defend himself.

VeVe concludes with a victory pose while wearing her gloves.

Athletic but one-sided; Thrash has no chance against VeVe.

Total running time: 3 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 6 mbps

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VeVe Kickboxing VeVe Kickboxing VeVe Kickboxing
VeVe Kickboxing VeVe Kickboxing VeVe Kickboxing

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