Asia Perez

Krypto-Ropes! 2 Scenes
VeVe & Diablo AND Asia Perez & Diablo
August 2017

villainess triumph

This video features 2 separate scenes of villainesses, aided by their superpower-draining Krypto-Ropes, dominating an indignant, frustrated, and gradually weakening Superman (Diablo). The scenes are not related to each other, though both have the same premise: Super Diablo is lured into a trap and ambushed by a wicked villainess:

1. Krypto-Ropes: Evil VeVe Dominates Super Diablo (22 minutes). Evil VeVe jumps Super Diablo and binds her Krypto-Ropes on him in chest and waist harnesses. His limbs are free, but the Krypto harnesses completely sap his super-strength. VeVe then challenges him to fight her, but he has no chance against her while locked in the Krypto-Rope harnesses. She throws him around with ease, much to his distress, squeezing him with her arms and legs (scissorholds), and constantly talking about how superior she is. At the very end, she hogties him with more Krypto-Rope and cleave gags him. Note: Camera on tripod.

2. Villainess Triumph: Asia Perez & Super Diablo (21 minutes). Wicked Dominatrix Asia ambushes Super Diablo, binds him with Krypto-Ropes to weaken him (legs frog-tied, arms behind back, shoulder ropes) and then ball gags him. Now he is hers. She then teases him and taunts him, squeezes him with her arms and legs, and stalks around him, verbally mocking him in his helplessly bound and weakened state. Pleased to have captured Superman, she concludes with a victory pose.

Total running time: 42 minutes

Fantasy Scenarios. 1280x720. 3.5 mbps..

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villainess triumph villainess triumph villainess triumph
villainess triumph villainess triumph villainess triumph
villainess triumph villainess triumph villainess triumph

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