Jade Indica

The Ladies' Guide to Male Subjugation
VeVe Lane, Jade Indica, Orlandoe, Thrash
September 2016

Female Domination

Female Domination

Head Mistress VeVe and her esteemed colleagues Agents Jade and Orlandoe are pleased to present a demonstration on how the innately superior female can break and destroy any lowly male who comes within her clutches.

After an empowering introduction addressed to her female audience, the Head Mistress has her colleagues bring in their male "assistant" Thrash, and thus we begin our charming presentation on proper male subjugation.

Ever the dutiful presenter, VeVe encourages her female viewers to use their natural sexuality to easily entrance and bewilder a male victim. Each of the three ladies then takes her turn seductively stripping out of her formal attire, down to sheer black pantyhose and bra, while enticing poor Thrash with her nylon-clad legs, hips, and feet.

Thrash fears for his safety, but he cannot tear his eyes from the ladies' beautiful legs, even as they snicker and verbally humiliate him. Then, in preparation for a costume change, VeVe removes her pantyhose and gags Thrash with them, before exiting and leaving him to the whims of Jade and Orlandoe. The two ladies then pose over him and torment him by rubbing their feet and legs on his squirming body, until VeVe returns.

The Head Mistress reemerges wearing her slingshot monokini and pasties, and then, flanked by her pantyhose bedecked ladies, she moves into the next phase of the demonstration: how the sexually excited male will demean himself for the object of his uncontrollable attraction. The ladies command Thrash to worship and kiss their feet and asses, each lady taking her turn with him.

At last, with the pathetic male fully entranced, the ladies floor him with a 3-way kick to his face while laughing at his foolishness. And finally, they tower over him, torturing him with their feet, and make he admit that women are superior to men, over and over again, before incapacitating him, victory posing, and reveling in their dominance.

Total running time: 38 minutes

All ladies start out in formal attire, then strip to bra and pantyhose. Then VeVe changes to monokini and pasties. Thrash always in black briefs. Primarily wide, full body camera angle with some occasional close ups on legs/feet and worshipping action.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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female domination female domination female domination
female domination female domination female domination
female domination female domination female domination

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