Lana's Happy Day:
Mixed Wrestling, Facesitting, & Foot Domination
with Lana Luxor & Thrash

July 2023

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

It's one of those days when Thrash is stuck on the mats of the Doom studio, tied up and left as a treat for the next wrestler to walk through the door. It's not long before Lana enters with a big smile on her face.

Thrash knows immediately that he's in for it -- when Lana's in a good mood and wants to use him for her pleasure, it's worse than when she just wants to beat him up. He's going to be squeezed, made to worship her feet, face-sat, and smothered, and whether he struggles or cooperates, it will only make her more excited.

Lana prowls around her toy, and then slowly, savoring ever moment, she proceeds to do whatever she wants with him. She wraps him up in scissors, chokeholds, and figure-4's, rolls him around, grapevines and breast smothers him, sits on him, shoves her feet in his face and his mouth, and rides his helpless face.

Thrash tries to reason with her, tries to refuse, and kicks and struggles when he can, but Lana is much too powerful and much too determined. She blissfully steamrolls right over his feeble resistance and carries on doing just exactly as she pleases.

At last Thrash is pinned down with Lana seated squarely on his face. Enough playing around -- this time she's not getting up until she's fully satisfied.

Slow, slinky, sensual mixed wrestling domination. Lana wears a skimpy bikini. Thrash wears underwear; his wrists are tied behind his back for the entire video. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 34 minutes

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Lana Luxor Lana Luxor Lana Luxor
Lana Luxor Lana Luxor Lana Luxor
Lana Luxor Lana Luxor Lana Luxor

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