VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

Lethal Leotards
with VeVe Lane and Thrash
Mixed Wrestling Domination Scenario

VeVe's 'Lethal Leotards' with Thrash

VeVe's 'Lethal Leotards' with Thrash

From the writers of Interrogation Torture and Domestic Discord...

In this short film, VeVe plays a narcissistic assassin who is part of a global network of female criminals, all of whom wear skin-tight leotards & pantyhose to carry out their missions.

The scene opens with our femme fatale having captured and bound a government agent (played by Thrash) who had been threatening her organization. She enters wearing an all-black skirt and blouse, strips into a black long-sleeved leotard and pantyhose, and gives the agent one chance to fight for his life.

The female assassin is an expert fighter, and the male agent is entranced by her attire and body. While he becomes distracted and overwhelmed, she proceeds to toy with him. She used grapevines, facesitting, pinning, scissors, feet on the face, and other holds to work him into submission.

She chokes him into temporary unconsciousness and then, for the sake of her own amusement, proceeds to change her attire.

She changes from her all-black leotard and tights outfit into a new outfit of white tights and black short-sleeve, V-neck leotard. Once she completes her costume change, she awakens him from his reverie and moves in again for the finish.

Duration: 37 minutes

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