VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane
Orlandoe, Female Session Wrestler

Lethal Leotards Duo
feat. VeVe, Orlandoe, and Thrash
January 2013

Lethal Leotards Duo

Lethal Leotards Duo

The two top agents of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate, VeVe and Orlandoe, team up to bring down their unsuspecting male victim Thrash.

After a night out, VeVe brings her date Thrash home to meet her "roommate" Orlandoe. The ladies welcome their new guest and all three sit down for some wine. But the ladies have slipped something into Thrash's drink, and he soon becomes dazed. Now the real fun begins...

Sharing flirty glaces and excited anticipation, the ladies throw Thrash to the floor. They slowly remove their street clothes to reveal black leotards and tights underneath. They remove their victim's shoes and shirt and then awaken him. They then proceed to abuse him with head scissors, body scissoring, face sitting, immobilizing holds, feet shoved into his face and mouth, and female supremacist dialogue.

Even though they have complete contempt for their male victim, the ladies find his suffering quite amusing. They force him to beg for mercy and debase him by making him kiss and worship their feet. This is the ladies' favorite form of entertainment... Once they have tired of him, they throw him to the floor, VeVe forces her bare foot onto his throat, and the two ladies share a knowing look as Thrash gurgles below them. They put him out, much to their mutual delight, entirely savoring his downfall.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720.
VeVe in stirrup tights and Orlandoe in footed pantyhose.

Full video running time: 36 minutes.

Selected Screen Stills:
Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo
Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo
Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo Lethal Leotards Duo

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