Lia Labowe

Lia Labowe Tied and Tickled!
Lia Labowe and VeVe Lane
December 2014

Lia Labowe

Lia and VeVe face off for a tickle bondage wrestling bout... but the match quickly turns into a big tickle-torture-fest for Lia!

The ladies jump right in, rolling on the mats and giggling as they wrestle and tickle each other's bodies, legs, armpits, and necks (but not feet). But Lia becomes so giddy from the tickling, that she can offer little resistance when VeVe comes at her with the ropes! Both ladies continue to tickle each other as VeVe gradually binds Lia's ankles, knees, and then wrists. VeVe's binding efforts are slowed a bit as Lia laughingly squirms and tickles VeVe right back. But once VeVe has got her knots in place, Lia is in for some trouble!

For the remaining majority of the video (remaining 17 min), VeVe sits on the bound Lia in various ways, all while administering relentless tickle torture. VeVe pins Lia with a reverse mount and a forward mount, she sits on Lia's arms to expose her armpits, and she even semi- school girl pins Lia for a little neck and ear tickling. Finally, after Lia is totally spent, she admits that VeVe is the winner as VeVe hits a victory pose.

Total running time: 30 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Tickling of body, armpits, thighs, neck. but NO foot tickling. Prolonged bouts of tickling once Lia is tied. Definitely more tickling than wrestling. Oh, poor Lia!

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Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe
Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe
Lia Labowe Lia Labowe Lia Labowe

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