Mistaken Identity! A Superheroine Bondage Adventure
"Shadowcat" Aralia & "Black Canary" VeVe Lane
October 2020

superheroine bondage

veve lane and aralia

veve lane and aralia

Shadowcat Aralia and Black Canary VeVe have both heard there's a supervillainess loose in the neighborhood...but neither one has heard of the other. So when the two heroines, both super eager to do some do-gooding, bump into each other on patrol, each one is positive the other must be the villainess. The battle is on!

The ladies grab some ropes and spring into action. They banter and taunt each other, as each tries to get the "villainess" safely bound. But Canary VeVe is far more powerful and soon she has Kitty Aralia all tied up from her black leather boots to her blue satin gloves. Canary even stuffs her mouth with a sock and seals it in with an over the mouth gag to make certain she can't mew for help while the victorious heroine continues her hunt.

Left alone, Kitty Aralia mmmphs through her gag and struggles in her bonds, while the camera studies her lovely shiny costume so nicely wrapped in rope. It seems she's getting nowhere...

But when Canary VeVe returns from a fruitless search for more villains, first she finds an empty pile of ropes and then a very indignant Shadowcat seizing her in a sneak attack! But even with the advantage of surprise, Kitty's no match for Canary's power, and soon she's roped up again. But this time, Canary's taking no chances, and she carries her catch to a more secure holding cell.

There, Kitty Aralia is tied upright to a post with arms stretched overhead. Canary VeVe, extremely proud of her work bringing a "troublemaker" to justice, taunts her captive and puts the finishing touches on her bondage -- a nice thick stuff gag with wrap-around tape binding Kitty's head to the post. Then Canary's off again on her relentless hunt for more hooligans, leaving Kitty alone for another long struggle. This time she's totally stuck!

Aralia wears black suede boots, shimmery sheer blue tights, a blue satin blouse with matching gloves, and a domino eye mask. VeVe wears black leather boots, white tights and black thong leotard, and black leather gloves (short, fingerless gloves in most scenes, elbow length in the last scene), and a domino eye mask.

Total running time: 29 minutes

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aralia bondage aralia bondage aralia bondage
aralia bondage aralia bondage aralia bondage
aralia bondage aralia bondage aralia bondage

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