Bianca Blance

Muscle Mayhem Pro-Style
Bianca Blance vs VeVe Lane
November 2021

veve vs bianca: pro-style

veve vs bianca: pro-style

Who's the strongest? Who's the most muscular? VeVe and Bianca take it to the mats to find out in this flexing-fill, back-bending, trash talky, and dramatic pro-style wrestling bout!

Both ladies are cocky and arrogant, proud of their toned physiques, each lady eager to intimidate the other with flexing and taunting. Each eager to prove she's the strongest. When the bell rings, they jump in for a "best of 3" pro-style bout... and to the winner go the true bragging rights.

Bianca takes control in Round 1, tormenting VeVe with belly punching and ab claws, Camel Clutches, handsmothers and head scissors, the Boston Crab, the Full Nelson stretch, and more. But VeVe fires back, dominating Round 2 and subjecting Bianca to bearhugs, the T-Rack lift, belly punching and ab claws, the over-the-knee back-breaker, and the Bow & Arrow hold. Round 3 proves an equal struggle, as both ladies grit it out in a catball tangle, until VeVe locks on a move to make stubborn Bianca submit at last...

Bianca is incensed as VeVe flexes, poses, and struts in victory. But as the winner, VeVe has earned the right to make Bianca kiss her victorious biceps. Bianca seethes with barely-contained rage, yet she has no choice but to comply (and oh how she hates it!) and to tolerate VeVe's gloating (simply hates it!) and wind up struck under foot in VeVe's final flexing victory pose... But, Oh, you just wait, Bianca's plotting vengeance already...

Pro-Style wrestling. Both ladies wear thong bikinis. 1080 Full HD

Video Duration: 23 minutes

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PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca
PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca
PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca PRO: VeVe vs Bianca

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