Intimate Wrestle Play Night
Nadia "Lady Justice" and Hanz
September 2021

nadia and hanz

nadia and hanz

In this scene, as part of our Intimate Wrestle Play Night series, Nadia and Hanz are a wife and husband who enjoy a chance to put down mats in their living room and have a monthly "play night" of their favorite kind.

Both of them really love to wrestle, and they always eagerly look forward to their Play Nights. After all, a good struggle and strength challenge is a great way to blow off steam and bond with your significant other!

They clash on the mats, wrestling with a strength-and-squeezing type of pace and an intimate tone. Nadia always surprises Hanz with how strong she is, and Hanz frequently finds himself crushed and scissored in various ways.

Powerful Nadia loves to fight her way to the top, and she uses body presses, body pressure, facesitting, scissorholds, nelsons, and pins to keep Hanz under control. And she does enjoy being in control. She smiles as Hanz squirms beneath her and pursues him hard if he ever struggles free.

Their match is continuous and strength-based, with the vibe of two people who are intimately familiar sharing their love of mixed wrestling together. They gasp and groan with exertion, breathing heavily and working up a gentle sweat.

Hanz holds out as long as he can, but powerful Nadia is determined to make him submit. At last, she wears him down enough to finally catch him and make him tap. Pleased with herself, Nadia sits on top of him, gently teasing him, posing, and playfully reminding him that she's the winner. A lovely evening, and a friendly reminder of who's the boss in this household.

Intimate style "couples" wrestling. Nadia wears a shiny lace-up leotard. Hanz wears spandex shorts. ** Note, due to being on a wrestling tour when she filmed this video, Nadia has some bruises on her legs. 1080 Full HD

Video Duration: 19 minutes

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Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz
Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz
Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz Nadia and Hanz

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