Payback's A Smoking Hot Bitch
VeVe Lane and Joe
February 2021

veve and joe

veve and joe

VeVe and her ex Joe grab a few drinks to reminisce about old times, but when they get back to her place afterwards, Joe notices there's something different about her. She's started smoking, for one thing, and her arms are powerfully muscled and covered in tattoos. In fact, his ex has somehow turned into a total badass.

VeVe reveals she's started working out and boxing -- all so she can put the hurt on anyone who crosses her. And for her ex, who used to hit her back in the day...well, that's gonna call for a whole lotta hurt. VeVe stalks Joe around the room, and when he tries to fight back, he only makes it worse for himself. His former victim has gotten far, far too strong for him.

VeVe slams him against the wall, pummels him, drops him to the floor, and drags him around by his hair all with perfect ease and a lit cigarette in her hand or mouth the whole time. She mocks, taunts, and curses him, taking vicious delight in his suffering, and only giving him breaks when she poses above his prostrate body to light up a new smoke.

Finally, VeVe's had enough of him, and she grabs him by the throat, stares him down, and squeezes until he collapses on the floor at her feet. Once more she stands over him, admiring her muscles and savoring her smoke and lamenting that they won't be able to do this again.

Video Duration: 18 minutes

Fantasy beatdown scenario. VeVe wears thigh-high stiletto boots, leather vest, sleeve tattoos, and blue jeans.

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veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane

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