Keri Spectrum

The Perfect Weekend: A Bondage Caper
VeVe Lane, Keri Spectrum, Howl
July 2016

Bondage Scenario

Bondage Scenario

Howl's been cheating on his wife with his girlfriend Keri, and they're both thrilled to have a weekend all to themselves, hidden away at a secret beach resort, far from Howl's jealous wife VeVe. But just as they're getting comfortable, there's an unexpected knock at the door... Surprise! It's VeVe, looking for revenge!

VeVe incapacitates Howl before turning on his girlfriend. The ladies wrestle fiercely on the floor, trading insults and body punches, until VeVe finally subdues Keri as well. Howl and Keri recover only to find themselves stripped to their underwear, with Keri cleave gagged and bound in a seated spread eagle in the bed, and Howl hogtied in a compromising position between Keri's legs! Wrapping a duct tape gag around Howl's head, VeVe explains that she knew they were planning to stay in bed all weekend, so she's granting them their wish. Meanwhile, she's off to enjoy the resort!

Alone, the distressed couple strains and squirms, but only Howl manages to struggle free... When VeVe returns to the room, she's shocked to find only Keri tied to the bed -- and then doubly shocked when Howl jumps her from behind! VeVe thrashes helplessly as Howl wrestles her down and ropes her up. But having two bound ladies on the bed is a lovely sight indeed. And so, Howl decides not to free Keri; in fact, he's going to make some improvements! Fade in on Keri and VeVe now tied together on the bed, front-to-front, and duct tape gagged. Its so good, Howl simply must go get his camera!

Now, the wife and mistress are stuck working together. They manage to nuzzle and bite each others gags off. Then, wriggling in their ropes and bickering all the while, the ladies form a plan to bring down that double-crossing loser Howl... And when the sleaze ball returns, VeVe and Keri gleefully double-team him! They overwhelm him, bind him up into a tight hogtie, taunt him, cleave gag him, and then pose over their pathetic captive while taking pictures with his own camera. With scores settled and a new friendship forged, the ladies leave the loser hogtied on the bed and head off to the pool to enjoy a perfect weekend!

Total running time: 36 minutes

Turn-the-Tables theme. All wrestling in Fantasy style. Keri wears first little black dress, then bra & panties. VeVe, first tank top and skirt, then thong bikini. Howl, first pants and tee-shirt, then underwear, then pants and shirt again. Written and directed by VeVe Lane.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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