Goddess Anastaxia Dominates Howl
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
November 2017

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

Goddess Anastaxia graces us with her presence once again in the pro-style mixed wrestling arena! And she's both pleased and amused to destroy this mere mortal man Howl with her divine prowess!

Radiating confidence and dominance, Anastaxia absolutely crushes her male opponent with pro holds and pure superiority. She overpowers him, repeatedly twists him into a pretzel, locks him into humiliating holds, taunts him wickedly, and laughs at him while he suffers in her clutches. Anastaxia's punishing holds include the Boston Crab (2x), Camel Clutch (3x), Venus Flytrap, roll-up pin, headscissors, Porch Swing, Banana Split, standing headscissors, Sharpshooter, and over-the-knee back breaker, plus some sneaky hand-over-mouth teasing.

Anastaxia takes her time with the holds and savors Howl's cries of pain, eventually making him submit again and again to each one. But after so many submissions, Howl can take no more and admits defeat. But Anastaxia is nowhere near to done with him yet...

Ever a well-prepared domina, she pulls out her ropes and binds him up (taking a moment to Boston Crab him again during the process!). She ball gags him, hogties him, and headscissors him until she's had her fill. And at last, the satisfied goddess concludes with a victory pose.

Total running time: 24 minutes

Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling Domination. Bare feet, bare legs.

1080 Full HD, 6 mbps, 30 fps.

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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