Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu Dominates Hanz
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
June 2019

pro-style mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

Visitor Andrea Rosu, a wrestler with luxurious and shapely legs and hips, suits up in her leotard and jumps in to give Hanz a good old pro-style thrashing!

With a supremely confident and dominant attitude, Andrea completely controls Hanz on the mats. Hanz starts out cocky, but he's no match for Andrea's holds. She trash talks and belittles him as she works him over, using Camel Clutches, Stretch Mufflers, Matchbook Pins (with facesitting), Grapevine Pins, Boston Crabs, the Pretzel Hold, the DragonSleeper, the Banana Split, headscissors, and more. Andrea smiles sadistically as she goes, casually cruel. She's a menacing heel who continually taunts her groaning victim.

At last, a particularly mean facesitting Matchbook Pin makes Hanz admit defeat and surrender. But Andrea keeps him pinned and prolongs his suffering until she is satisfied with his submission. Pleased to have dominated her opponent both physically and mentally, Andrea gloats and confidently taunts the audience. Proud of her superiority, she enjoys a victory pose.

Pro-Style Wrestling Domination. Andrea wears only a leotard. Hanz wears only black spandex leggings. Filmed by VeVe.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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