VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

Pro-Style Collection
VeVe Lane and Diablo
Filmed Nov 2011

A collection of 4 short "Pro-Style" clips featuring VeVe and Diablo in varied attire.
Originally sold separately, but now added to our Doom Maidens store as a set.

Thong Leotard vs Tights (Fantasy Mixed Wrestling) Round 1 of 2
In this athletic Fantasy Mixed Wrestling match, VeVe shows off her new thong leotard as she takes on Diablo.

VeVe wears a black thong leotard, light silver tights, and black wrestling boots. This back-and-forth round features holds such as the grapevine, standing full nelson, facesitting, head scissors, and body scissors.

Duration: 4 minutes

Thong Leotard vs Tights (Fantasy Mixed Wrestling) Round 2 of 2

For Round 2, VeVe now wears her blue thong leotard, blue tights, and blue & white wrestling shoes. This back-and-forth round features holds such as the grapevine, standing full nelson, the camel clutch, body scissors, and hard facesitting. In the end, VeVe finishes the match by putting Diablo into a figure-4 reverse facesit while she flexes her biceps.

Duration: 5 minutes

Mixed Wrestling: Bikini & Tights (Pro-Style w/ VeVe & Diablo)

In this Pro-Style mixed wrestling match, VeVe (dressed in her black bikini, pantyhose, and boots) takes on Diablo (dressed in jockstrap, tights, and boots) for some back-and-forth holds and action. After trading holds and throws, VeVe catches Diablo with the dreaded Ab Claw!

She pins him and digs her fingers into his belly, causing him to scream in pain and declare his submission ("I give, I give!"). VeVe holds the Ab Claw, forcing Diablo then to beg and plead for release. Once she's satisfied with his submission, she finishes with a victory pose.

Duration: 7 minutes

Lucha Spandex Mixed Wrestling Domination (VeVe & Diablo)
VeVe and Diablo don their luchador attire for a masked mixed wrestling bout.

In dramatic, "pro style" fashion, VeVe gets the best of her green-clad male opponent and thoroughly dominates him on the mats. She uses holds such as the Surf Board, the School Girl Pin, Grapevines, Head Scissors, the Figure 4 Leglock, and showy wrestling finesse.

Duration: 8 minutes

Filmed in Standard Definition.
Display size: 640 x 480

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File Type: WMV

Thong Leotard #1 Clip
Thong Leotard #2 Clip
Bikini & Tights Clip
Lucha Match Clip

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