Gia Love
Gia Love

Diablo Dominates Gia Love
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
October 2017

pro-style wrestling

Visiting wrestler Gia Love gets a tough New York City welcome from the nefarious heel Diablo in this pro-style domination bout. Diablo puts Gia through the wringer here with his punishing hold, bending her, lifting her, and pushing her remarkable flexibility to the limit.

Throughout 3 rounds, Diablo torments Gia with the following holds: Camel Clutch (x2), Porch Swing (x2), Boston Crab (x3), over-the-knee Backbreaker, Ceiling Hold (x2), Bow & Arrow (x2), Lotus Lock, Sharpshooter, Stretch Muffler, Surf Board, Fireman's Carry, Banana Split, and Roll-up Pin. Gia screams, groans, and complains in pain, stuck in Diablo's holds, but she's resilient and refuses to give. Becoming irritated, Diablo finally submits his stubborn victim with a Boston Crab and then celebrates with a victory pose.

Total running time: 21 minutes

Fantasy pro-style domination. Diablo wears boots, tights, jockstrap w/ thong. Gia wears only a fancy/strappy leotard (bare feet and legs). Note: Round 3 has the sound of a electric fan blowing in the background. 1280x720. 4mbps

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