Diablo Dominates Ursa Fierce
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
May 2019

Dastardly heel Diablo puts the hurt on curvaceous BBW wrestler Ursa Fierce in this mixed pro-style wrestling squash match. Ursa is stubborn and tough, but she's no match for arrogant, trash-talking Diablo.

Diablo puts Ursa's flexibility to the test -- back bending, forward bending, leg spreading! -- as he torments her with a variety of punishing holds. He uses Atomic Drops, the Leg Hook Pin, Banana Split, Surf Board, Camel Clutch, Venus Flytrap (x2), headscissors, Stretch Muffler, Lotus Lock, Bow and Arrow, Full Nelson, and the Boston Crab (x4). Plus softening body blows and belly claws. Whew!

Ursa tries to stay strong, gritting her teeth and struggling when she can, but she cannot escape from Diablo's clutches and can only groan in pain as he cranks the holds. Diablo takes his time, taunting Ursa and mocking her plight. At last, when he's had his fill of toying with her, he cranks on a final hold to make her grudgingly submit. He then, of course, enjoys a smug victory pose over the indignant Ursa.

Pro-Style Wrestling, heel and jobber. Diablo wears shiny suntan tights and shiny briefs, Ursa wears a bikini. Continuous (no rounds).

Total running time: 15 minutes

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