Bella Ink

Dirty Tactics: Bella Ink and VeVe Lane
Pro-Style Dirty Tactics
February 2016

Dirty Tactics

Dirty Tactics

Following her traumatic match assignment with Saharra Huxly, rookie wrestler VeVe receives her next assignment from the shady pro-wrestling company: she'll be facing the wily and wicked Bella Ink for a "Best of 5 Falls" contest. The rules are a bit particular, but, of course, as per the company's style, dirty tactics aren't technically forbidden...

Spit-fire Bella comes on in a rush, punishing VeVe with strikes and bites (definitely not clean fighting!). She also throws in eye jump, a minute-long camel clutch, and a torturous lotus lock to set the tone. But VeVe's got a few tricks of her own, turning the tables with eye gouging, toe holds, toe biting, and leg locks... of course including the Figure-4 leg lock! Bella answers back with crotch attacks, a back-breaker, and other nasty tactics, but VeVe has yet more trouble for Bella: chair attacks, a torture rack, more leg locks, AND the now-infamous ladder!

VeVe handcuffs Bella to the ladder to deliver low blows and crotch attacks, torturing Bella past the submission and at last securing the win. And to the winner goes the victory pose!

Total running time: 26 minutes

Fantasy Pro-Style Wrestling with fantasy striking. Both ladies wear pantyhose, thongs (over the hose), bras.

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics

Individual Match
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* 2-Match Combo *
Dirty Tactics:
1. Saharra Huxly & VeVe
2. Bella Ink & VeVe
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