Saharra Huxly Dominates VeVe
Dirty Tactics! Pro-Style Beatdown
January 2016

Dirty Tactics

Dirty Tactics

Still locked into to her horrible contract with the corrupt pro-wrestling company, innocent little VeVe gets her next match assignment: a wealthy and powerful female patron has purchased a personal match against her. The wealthy lady has paid the company very handsomely for a chance to completely dominate the petite little new girl, and VeVe's not allowed to do anything about it. Tough break... and especially tough since that lady is the amazonian Saharra Huxly!

After inspecting the goods, Saharra gets right down to business with her petite wrestling plaything. She tortures VeVe with a variety of dirty moves and pro-style holds, including eye jumps, chair attacks, toe holds, leg bending punishment, arm breakers, the camel clutch and Boston Crab, an inverted leg-spreader, and even a flogging! Saharra also handcuffs VeVe to a ladder to deliver belly and crotch attacks. And she even removes VeVe's thong, leaving the poor little new girl in just her pantyhose and bra as Saharra continues her barrage.

Sadistically amused, Saharra really puts little VeVe through the wringer here. She also commands the suffering new girl to kiss her feet before wrapping her up in a hogtie and shoving a ball gag in her mouth. As VeVe moans on the mats, in just her tights and bra, Saharra savors a victory pose before leaving her sniveling little victim in a heap.

Total running time: 27 minutes

Fantasy Pro-Style Wrestling beatdown. Both ladies wear pantyhose, thongs (worn over the hose), bras.

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics
Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics Dirty Tactics

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Dirty Tactics:
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2. Bella Ink & VeVe
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