Doubleteam Backfires! VeVe, Dachi, Rizzo
Mixed 2-on-1 Pro-Style Wrestling
December 2016

Mixed Wrestling

mixed wrestling

Spunky little Dachi was so annoyed by his last humiliating pro-style loss to VeVe (where she put him in the Ceiling Hold 3 times!), that he has enlisted the aid of his buddy Rizzo to help take VeVe down. Ha, yeah! Two heads are better than one, right? Time for a mixed 2-on-1 pro-style battle!

But VeVe Lane is not to be trifled with... And although these two light-weight guys try to catch VeVe by surprise, she's got enough strength and skill to give both of them a good tossing. Literally! The White Tights Duo is no match for the mighty Petite Powerhouse, and she lifts and tosses them with ease, knocking the wind out of them before thoroughly smashing them both with brutal pro holds. While warding off their attacks, VeVe wears down Dachi and Rizzo with throws, fireman's carries, and slams, sometimes even using them against each other! She locks them up with Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, Matchbook pins, Ceiling Holds, head scissors, the Sharpshooter, Surfboard, Back-breaker, and the ever-humiliating Venus flytrap and Banana Split. She even subjects them to double-holds: trapping and crushing both of them simultaneously!

VeVe totally thrashes the White Tights guys with her pro-style rampage. Their plan completely backfired; not only did they NOT manage to take her down, but they were BOTH absolutely humiliated in the attempt. Satisfied and still full of energy, VeVe drags Dachi and Rizzo into a pile and then climbs on top of them for a series of triumphant victory poses!

Total running time: 22 minutes

Pro-Style. VeVe wears bra and thong panties, Dachi and Rizzo wear white tights and jockstrap or thong. Welcome to flexible newcomer Rizzo!
1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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