Mistress Kara

Pro-Style Dirty Tactics!
Mistress Kara Dominates VeVe Lane
July 2015

Mistress Kara

Mistress Kara

VeVe plays a naive and ambitious pro-style newcomer who was so eager to join Mistress Kara's wrestling company that she neglected to read the fine print on her contract. When VeVe complains about Kara's girls using dirty tactics against her in matches, Kara wickedly reveals that the contract lets them use whatever moves they want, while little VeVe has to keep it clean. Amused by VeVe's distress, Kara then announces that the time has come for them to have their match-up...

And right from the start, Kara shows her colors as a heel by sneak attacking VeVe with a chair and moving in to punish the new girl. Kara works VeVe over with not just wrestling holds, but also chair attacks, punches, eye gouging, hair pulling, toe biting, clawing attacks, and stomps. Irritated, VeVe throws in some dirty tactics of her own and catches Kara in a prolonged sharpshooter, but it's all downhill from there once Kara gets free... then it's back to the grinder!

As the match goes on, Kara torments VeVe with rough-handling, torturous lifts, a standing headscissors, a prolonged Figure-4 leglock and a prolonged over-the-knee back-breaker (both holds each nearly 2 minutes long!) And at last, with the new girl finally worn out, humiliated, and thoroughly defeated, Mistress Kara struts like the evil heel she is and strikes several self-indulgent standing victory poses!

Total running time: 21 minutes

Kara wears black pantyhose, thong, bra. VeVe wears tans pantyhose, red thong and bra. Pro-Style Beatdown.
1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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