Aqua X

Tights Pro-Style Rematch!
VeVe Dominates Aqua X, Vol 2
September 2018

pro-style wrestling

pro-style wrestling

VeVe hits the mats again with Aqua X for a pro-style rematch! This time the ladies get decked out in colorful tights for their rumble. VeVe really smashed Aqua in their first pro-style bout, and although Aqua wants a second chance, VeVe plans to sweep the challenger off her feet... and quite literally!

VeVe shows her strength in this bout, dominating Aqua not only with wrestling holds, but with unstoppable lifts as well! Throughout the course of the bout, VeVe uses lifts such as the fireman's carry, Torture Rack, upside-down lifts, Shoulder Ride, Reverse Romero Hold, and body slam, in addition to flexiblity-testing wrestling holds such as the crotch-exposing roll-up pin (2x), Venus Flytrap, Boston Crab (2x), Bow and Arrow (2x), Stretch Muffler, grapevine pin, matchbook pin, Banana Split, and Twister.

At last, after 3 rounds of torment, Aqua can take no more of VeVe's punishment and must concede. And VeVe not only enjoys a victory pose, but she also carries the defeated Aqua around and then off the mats!

Total running time: 25 minutes

Pro-Style Wrestling Domination. Aqua wears tights with bra and panties over. VeVe wears stirrup tights with bra and panties over.

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