Jaylah Rai

Pro-Style: VeVe vs Jaylah Rai
Back-and-Forth Bra and Panties Bout
December 2020

veve vs jaylah

veve lane jaylah

Newcomer BBW wrestler Jaylah Rai steps up to challenge the local champ VeVe Lane. And while VeVe may be a veteran Queen of Mean in the pro-style arena, Jaylah is a natural when it comes to pro wrestling: she's tough, she's quick with her trash talk, she's expressive, and she's got moves! This newcomer is no push-over, and she and VeVe trade holds as they battle it out in this back-and-forth match!

The ladies fight for 3 rounds, catching each other in holds and trying to make each other submit. VeVe uses the following holds on Jaylah: Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, Stretch Mufflers, Step-Over Toehold, headscissors, Bow and Arrow, full Nelson, and more. Jaylah uses the following against VeVe: Facesit Matchbook Pin, Boston Crabs, Bow and Arrow, Camel Clutches, headscissors, Stretch Muffler, full body press pin, and more. (the ladies use several of these holds multiple times). They also use softening blows, finger locks, and plenty of trash talking.

Both VeVe and Jaylah keep their energy high, even as they try to wear each other down with their twisting & bending holds. Whoever's in control savors her moment of dominance, cranking the holds and taunting her trapped opponent. And whoever finds herself stuck can only groan and cry out in pain until she can break free. At last, one lady can take no more, thoroughly trapped and back-bent, and must submit. The winner gloats and makes the loser kiss her foot, before striking a victory pose!

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VeVe defeats Jaylah with a final Boston Crab.

Pro-Style Wrestling. Back-and-Forth. Both ladies wear bras and panties (Jaylah's are thong panties).

Total running time: 22 minutes

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veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah
veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah
veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah veve vs jaylah

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