Pro-Style: VeVe Lane vs Katarina "theDommeKat"
(aka, The Rookie Brings it On!)

Female Pro-Style Wrestling
September 2019

veve lane vs katarina

veve lane vs katarina

Sassy Domina Katarina faces off against arrogant champ VeVe in this high energy, back-and-forth bikini pro-style wrestling match!

Trash talking each other throughout, the ladies work hard and trade holds, as they each strive for the advantage... and the coveted submission victory. VeVe uses the following holds on Katarina: Camel Clutch, Bow and Arrow, Full Nelson backgrab, Indian Deathlock, Boston Crab and Single-leg Crab, Fireman's Carry & Spin, Standing Headscissors, Venus Flytrap, Dragon Sleeper, Banana Split, Twister, Matchbook Pin, and Texas Cloverleaf. But Katarina is no slouch, and she torments VeVe right back with: the Camel Clutch, headscissors, Roll-Up Pin, Boston Crab (variation), bodyscissors, Atomic Drop, and 3 separate Ceiling Holds. Oh yes, the champ is shocked to find herself at the mercy of not just 1, but 3 of Katarina's full on Ceiling Holds! VeVe's not used to this sort of treatment!

VeVe may be a powerhouse with a huge arsenal of holds, but Katarina's resourcefulness turns the tide in her favor and seize the final advantage -- much to VeVe's agitation and indignation. Katarina may be a rookie, but she's sure got a mean Ceiling Hold that paves the way to the victory pose for her here!

Bikini & bare-foot Pro-Style Wrestling. VeVe 125 lbs, Katarina 170 lbs. Both ladies trash talk and taunt each other as they go. Primarily full-body camera angles with some occasional close ups.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina
veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina
veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina veve lane vs katarina

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