Keri Spectrum

Pro-Style: VeVe Dominates Keri Spectrum
Female Pro-Style Wrestling
August 2016

pro-style wrestling

pro-style wrestling

When Keri steps up to challenge VeVe for the Championship title, VeVe answers Keri's little challenge with a grueling pro-style wrestling beatdown that the challenger won't soon forget!

Both ladies square off in their tights, boots, and thong leotards, trading trash talk on equal footing, but as soon as VeVe springs into action, it's all downhill for Keri from there... VeVe is a torture machine, gradually destroying Keri with a wide variety of pro-style holds, including: Matchbook Pins, Indian Deathlock, Boston Crab, Ceiling Hold, scissorholds, Texas Cloverleaf, Bow and Arrow, Pretzel Hold, Figure-4 leglocks, Stretch Muffler, Toe Hold, Sharpshooter, Venus Flytrap, Camel Clutch, Single Crab, and more! Often with repeats and accompanied by "softening" moves, such as kicks, claws, knees, and other hits. Whew, poor Keri!

VeVe proudly flaunts her control, demonstrating that she can submit Keri at will, and making Keri tap out over and over and over again. After 4 rounds of utterly smashing her hapless rival, VeVe emerges with a flawless title defense and arrogantly celebrates with a victory pose!

Total running time: 34 minutes

Features many holds, but they are individually not extremely prolonged (5-15 seconds long). Camera angle is Full Body, wide angle. 1280x720. 3.5 mbps.

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